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    Birth of a modern day outlaw

    Up until his death in a motorcycle accident in 2000, Dr Maz Harris was probably one of the best known figures on the British biker scene being both spokesman for the Hells Angels charter in England and a biker magazine columnist focusing on biker rights.

    He completed his PhD at Warwick University looking at myths and reality in the motorcycle sub culture and I suspect a fair bit of that work found its way into this.

    The book contains a large selection of photographs tracing mainly British biker history from the days of The Wild One, through the sixties rockers, and then on into the outlaw biker club scene. But while the written content is quite slim, it is well worth reading. He manages to describe in a very readable way both the personal, in his own path to involvement in bikes and bike club culture, and his feelings about riding and what it means; as well as the social significance (as I guess you’d expect given his studies) in an insightful view of the development of the biker scene in the light of changing culture elsewhere.

    Highly recommended and a bit of a collector’s item these days (hint – you may need to try eBay).

    Maz Harris


  2. Satans choice

    Satan’s Choice

    My life as a hard core biker with Satan’s Choice and Hells Angels

    Lorne Campbell & Peter Edwards

    Lorne Campbell stood up in court and admitted shooting dead a member of a rival club.

    He wasn’t believed and instead the judge sentenced his club brothers for the crime giving rise to the case of the Port Hope Eight and the miscarriage of justice covered in Mick Lowe’s Conspiracy of Brothers (of which more later).

    Satan’s Choice is well written (with Peter Edwards involved it was always going to be), unapologetic, and gives a view of the development of the Canadian outlaw biker scene from the view of one of the strongly independent minded clubs until their eventual patch over into the Hells Angels.

    An impressive 'members eye' view of club life and the loyalties it entails.