Essential biker books guide 4: Outlaws Inside the violent world of biker gangs

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Inside the violent world of biker gangs

Tony Thompson

Tony Thompson is a highly respected crime journalist with a track record of successful books on the UK gangland and crime scene and his writing skills show here.

This book is the biography of ex-Outlaws MC member Daniel ‘Snake Dog’ Boone, but through it Thompson tells the wider story of the development of the UK outlaw biker scene since the eighties and how it has been affected by international biker politics, up to and including the 2007 murder of Gerry Tobin.

Thoroughly recommended and essential reading for anyone interested in the club scene in England.

I’m just glad this wasn’t published until 2011 as if it had come out before Heavy Duty People I don’t think I’d have ever been able to write it.

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