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  1. Hells Angel

    Hell’s Angel

    The life and times of Sonny Barger and The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club

    Ralph ‘Sonny’ Barger with Keith and Kent Zimmerman

    First up in a seies of posts on key books on the biker scene I'd reccomend, and how appropriate to start with Sonny Barger’s autobiography. This was a ground breaking book in many ways given the ‘omerta’ approach that seemed to have been the rule up to that point for current club members.

    Hell’s Angel (with the apostrophe) is a very readable collection of snapshots and short descriptive pieces rather than a sustained narrative which build to give a strong impression of both Sonny’s life and how he sees the club having developed over the years.

    A good read and a great companion piece to certain other works which we'll come on to soon...

  2. "Get writing. Get a rude friend. Get lucky. And get responsible..."

    "Nobody does anything in publishing for money, everybody does it for love. If we didn't love it we wouldn't do it."

    Writing and social media: "If I was social I wouldn't be sitting in my room writing books"

    From matchmaking in Africa to indie publishing via Biker Noir – it’s quite a ride!


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