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  1. We all do it, think about the what if I had the dosh? What would the hanger look like?

    So having been thinking about it for ages I thought I’d come up with my biker’s dozen, the top twelve bikes I’d be out looking for once when those six numbers came up.


    Triumph X75 Hurricane

    First up on my list has to be what I think is simply one of the most beautiful production bikes ever made, Craig Vetter’s X-75 Hurricane.

    I honestly don’t think I’d care what it is like to ride; the engine could be a bag of nails, it could wallow all over the road, (I understand it isn’t and it doesn’t) it just wouldn’t matter.

    Orange and yellow paint scheme? Normally no, what were you thinking? But here, it’s just… right.

    It is just something I have drooled over ever since the first picture I ever saw.

    It’s a thing of beauty.

    The Mona Lisa on two wheels.